“Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.” – James 1:2-4

Is Lighthouse Global in the public interest?

This is now at the heart of the ongoing smear campaign against Lighthouse Global.

A small handful of bitter and resentful ex-associates, abusive family members and the national press are trying to spread lies in the face of hundreds of personal testimonies that categorically demonstrate the life-saving, critical work we do at Lighthouse Global.

The majority of our clients have sought out help because they were abused in and by their own family members! This horrifically ranges from neglect, to coercive control, to physical and sexual and abuse.

Many were crippled by the abuse they grew up in, resulting in nervous breakdowns during university, literally not being able to speak in social situations, attempting suicide by the time they were 18 years old, or becoming addicted to drugs and/or alcohol to suppress their trauma.

For Lighthouse Global not to exist, it would frankly devastate the lives and families of these men, women and their children. So many are still in the early stages of getting healthy (physical, emotionally, mentally and spiritually). To remove the vital help they have now would send them back decades, to the hellish worlds they grew up in.

Hear from some of our clients in their own words…

What Would It Mean To You if Lighthouse

Global Did Not Exist?

Louisa MacKenzie 

If Lighthouse and James (Mills) didn’t exist I wouldn’t have got through this last year. I possibly wouldn’t have been here to write this. James saved my life. May sound extreme but it’s true. And there’s other people like me that need the help of James and Lighthouse, to get the help, understanding, commitment and professionalism that they have shown me.

Callum Holden 

If the support from Jai (Singh), and Lighthouse, didn’t exist in my life, I could tell you exactly where I imagine myself being. Firstly I would be single, having lost the most important and meaningful relationship of my entire life due to my emotions and impulses thinking for me. Second, I would most certainly be on my second or third job of the year, and would likely be looking for another as I write this – I wouldn’t even have an inkling as to what powers this self-defeating pattern of behavior.

My mountain of debt would have grown even larger, to which my response would have been to take out yet another credit card or a loan, and leave the worrying for ‘future me’ whilst carrying on making financial decisions impulsively.

Jack Comer

Everything I have worked so hard to build would have gone to waste. I wouldn’t be able to continually support my family through the most painful and difficult time of my life! I wouldn’t be able to take care of my terminally ill mother and my family who are struggling with the treatment she is currently receiving. I need the help and encouragement from those at Lighthouse.

Stasia Simpson

I come from a toxic birth family and I have young first cousins right now, who are being neglected and toxically affected by their unstable birth parents. I intend to invest in Lighthouse programs that will give them a chance at life, through receiving an upbringing. I cannot do this if I do not have the support community, the resources, and the leadership to follow through on this intention.

Rob Fitch

To reach the point now where I have invested in a year of intensive mentorship, I want to stress that this decision has not been taken lightly by either of us (me and my mentor). Far from cutting me off from the people I am close to, Jai (Singh) has helped me to empathise and connect from the heart. The idea of investing a substantial amount of money in myself seems like the most natural thing to me now because it’s self-evident how mentorship is transforming my life, starting from the inside and working out.

The greatest growth for me has come within my family relationships. Lately entering a romantic relationship I feel I’ve learned a year’s worth of relationship lessons in six weeks. Without the continued support of Jai, Jack, Chris and Lighthouse honestly I’d be pretty lost. That might sound like dependency but in their care I have grown far more independent than I could have done otherwise.

Jessica Holder

I know that if Lighthouse was no longer here to help me, I would be in a very vulnerable position in my life, not just physically, but emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Maria Imran 

By the time I met Daniel (Schmitz), I had barely made it into a PhD; my physical health was appalling, I had never had a friend and had suffered another excruciating breakdown. I had previously tried psychotherapy, but the more I looked into it, the more I felt like it was putting a bandaid over a bullet wound. Something I needed most would still be missing.

It was after I met Daniel that I realised it was an upbringing based on care and truth. As our mentor-mentee relationship developed, my physical health improved. I realised the consequences of my toxic upbringing and what should’ve been in its place instead.

It’s hard to imagine where I would be in life without my mentor; my deteriorating physical health would’ve made it impossible for me to finish my PhD. And I would be left with a gaping hole in my soul that could be filled by nothing and no one.

Asif Valiji

Without the support of the Lighthouse community I would not have had the courage to face up to the abusers in my own family, nor would I have the care and patience to learn how to be a father to my own children beyond the basic functions of feeding, educating and clothing them… the pragmatic support and nurture of family that I have come to know would end. In addition to this, we would not have the opportunity to help so many people through its invaluable research. This includes parents, like me, with children from broken homes. 

Nassreen Nadat

If Lighthouse didn’t exist or ceased to exist, just the thought fills me with great sadness, despair even, because how many more hundreds if not thousands of people will not have the opportunity to succeed in really making their dreams come true the way I have?!

Through the years Lighthouse has supported, encouraged and inspired me to be the best version of myself. I have learnt how to be confident, authentic as I show up in personal and professional ways.

I have built wonderful intentional relationships, got married, healed family relationships and developed levels of discipline to the point I am not afraid of problems when they show up in my life or the lives of family, friends and clients I work with. I have learnt to use problems to grow and learn and help others do the same.

Are the mentors perfect? No, nobody is. What I like and appreciate about my mentor Kris, and Lighthouse as a whole, is that they are open to learn, always asking for feedback, always looking for ways to be better, do better and serve better, that’s why no matter what is said in the media, I know first hand from my very own experience that Lighthouse’s intentions are in the right place.

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