Why We Suffered Persecution At Lighthouse Global…


BBC Malicious Myths – A Very British Broadcasting Cult

This video has been produced by Lighthouse Global Media in response to the BBC ‘docuMYTHary’, A Very British Cult and its associated radio and podcast programs.

Why Have We Been Persecuted?

Paul, Warren and the community at Lighthouse Global found over and over again that people who wanted to take part in personal development workshops and research were consistently met with opposition from those closest to them; their friends and family. Even in families, where there seemingly were no hugely dysfunctional issues, parents, siblings and friends seemed to be cynical or suspicious of their relative or friend improving themselves and investing in their growth. This was consistent no matter how much we tried to work with those families and friends. Ultimately, the greatest opposition we have faced has been from malignant toxic families that didn’t want to look bad or were personally offended by someone close to them seeking support and community beyond them.

When those family members and friends, who were the most cynical and destructive crossed paths with ex-clients who had left claiming undue refunds, it was a perfect storm for a smear campaign to form out of mutual disapproval and hatred. Some of the worst racist attacks, religious hate speech and vicious language can be found here…

Why We Have Suffered Abuse From Toxic Family Members

As Lighthouse Global Associate Partners we were all initially clients of Lighthouse being mentored for help in our own lives. Somewhere deep down we understood and knew we wanted more than our lives currently had to offer, so we went looking for answers and found surrogate family in Lighthouse. We didn’t realise that there was so much we needed to heal from and repair in our upbringing.

As we grew in independence and made choices our often controlling family members could no longer influence, we also challenged past neglects and abuses we had suffered from them. In turn they became resentful and angry which led to covert and overt attacks on us and our work from the very people who ought to have supported us most. Our family members who claimed to love us became our biggest abusers. Members of the team have had police arrive at their doorstep late at night as a result of malignantly toxic and controlling family members and one person’s sister saying, “I would rather be dead than be on your calls”, not to mention many other abusive situations; psychological, verbal or otherwise. Read more about the abuse we have been through at the hands of malignantly toxic family members here…

Through this persecution we have grown stronger in Christ and now help many others out of their own toxic families.

Lighthouse Global Testimonials

Ex-Partners & Clients Bitter About Refunds

Lighthouse Global has worked with and served over 70,000 people in it’s 18 year tenure and research, doing much pro-bono work and simply cost-covering while going above and beyond the call of service, we have done a lot of pro bono work to help people in difficult positions who couldn’t financially invest in themselves through us. We have helped people who have had issues within their own families.

Some ex-partners and clients who left felt that they wanted the money that they had invested in themselves returned in full: a refund they were not legally due. When these were denied, or placed on hold pending investigations into the Lighthouse Global smear campaign, it became clear that those who were bitter and insisting on their money back were in fact behind the smear campaign. In one case we did offer a compassionate refund on the grounds of illness but after investigation this was withdrawn due to their emerging hostility and connection to the smear campaign.

Criminals & Psychos On Reddit Threatening Our Children

The internet is a largely unmonitored and unverified warzone, where anyone from any walk of life can read anything that anyone posts. The assailants against Lighthouse Global chose Reddit as a platform to host their online hatred. This, however, attracted the attention of those with dangerous track histories to join in targeting Lighthouse Global.

How The Daily Mail & Other Media Were Roped In

Opening up conversations about Christ and Christianity was not welcomed by some individuals who proceeded to leave Lighthouse Global. These individuals had other factors in their life that made the decision easier for them to turn away from their growth; many were being horrendously bullied and harassed by their families to leave and others had found a new boyfriend/girlfriend who consumed their attention. 

In early 2021, a few individuals who had made an exit banded together to create a smear campaign against Lighthouse Global. Due to pressure from their toxic family members and friends, they wrongly felt convinced they ought to be refunded the money they had invested in themselves in full, despite receiving support in some cases for many years.

When these were denied, they went to the Daily Mail with the intention of destroying Lighthouse Global’s reputation as part of the smear campaign against Lighthouse Global and its partners. The Daily Mail endorsed and supported them despite their extensive lack of evidence.

The piece was one-sided, defamatory and libellous and although the Daily Mail were provided with a substantial 17,000-word response to the outrageous claims that were made. Yet the Daily Mail chose to ignore the evidence and bring the article to print. You can read all about the article in detail on our sister site here…


The Recording

The Second Daily Mail Article


Challenging The Mail

What Have We Done In Response &

What Have We Achieved?

Our experience of being persecuted online and offline at Lighthouse Global has been a fortifying experience. Through this adversity we have forged our characters and opened up opportunities that were not immediately available to us before the attacks began. Here are some of the key initiatives and results achieved through our response to those seeking to destroy us and our reputations. 


We Have Served More Than 70,000 People At Lighthouse Global

We Have Successfully Defended Ourselves Against An Onslaught of Constructive Sabotage For The Last 20 Months

These Attacks Have Strengthened Our Faith In Christ

Paul Waugh & Lighthouse’s Parents Against Trolls Featured on ITV News

Attracted Attention From Award-Winning Documentary Makers

Launch of Lighthouse Global’s Community Site that ranked on page 1 of Google in a matter of weeks

Launch of Christian Response Forum YouTube Channel with more than 25,000 subscribers and 7 million views in its first year

Launch of the Waugh Rooms to present the reality and truth of our work at Lighthouse Global

Launch of the troll assault and false accusation register that’s significantly reduced the number of anti-Lighthouse Global posts

Holding our abusers & toxic families accountable

We have held so-called cult ‘experts’ accountable

Employers have taken decisive action against our predatory trolls 

Reddit moderators have stepped away from the anti-Lighthouse Global subreddit

The Daily Mail confirmed they have no evidence to back up their article about Lighthouse Global

First in-person protest at River Radio at Rani Singh’s employer with more planned

Our assailants are now realising that freedom of speech and action does not mean freedom from consequences

We are using our experiences to help other businesses, people and families to withstand acts of constructive sabotage

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People Worked With Over 18 Years

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