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This page shares how Lighthouse associate partners and clients have been helped and supported to overcome the challenges they faced in their upbringing and began to flourish in life, told through our personal tweets and testimonials.

We all started as clients and have been mentored, coached, counselled and supported to become increasingly strong in Christ with the help of a surrogate family at Lighthouse Global. Now we help others do the same.

What you are about to read has taken each man and woman here painstaking efforts to share some deeply personal traumas and challenges they have overcome. Many of us had immense difficulty writing these because it involved giving transparent accounts of the abuse we have suffered. We ask you please respect the human beings who are sharing innermost secrets in many cases, never publicly before. We are all willing to do this because we believe wholeheartedly we must stand up for the truth, in this case where Lighthouse has been falsely and maliciously attacked. Here are just some of the critical reasons why Lighthouse is so needed…

If you would like to discover more information about how Lighthouse Group has helped many other people, in addition to our Partners please click here…

We Love Because He Loved Us First – 1 John 4:19

Lighthouse Associate Partners Testimonials

Our Testimonials

Daniel Schmitz

Chris Nash

Shaun Cooper

Warren Vaughan

Kris Deichler

Jai Singh

Stasia Simpson

Ed Zapp

Jessica Holder

James Mills

Sean Tiernan

Jack Comer

Valerie Nash

Vivienne Juan

Sukh Singh

Diane Cubitt

Tom Hasker

Anthony Antoine

Olivia Humphries

Gill Watson

Zach Jones

Mel Francis

Victoria Bytel

Asif Valiji

Jatinder Singh

Lee Frimston

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