“Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.” – Galatians 6:2

I started to realise my life was down to me. It’s like someone going into rehab away from their families and everything for a number of years and coming back healed. Paul even paid for my and 8 others’ rent during this time which cost around £49,000. That is where a lot of the money invested has gone, on just keeping us and Lighthouse going while we heal and pioneer our research, especially through Covid-19.  

This is the big difference I realised it wasn’t going to be “oh I’ve paid this money to Paul and he’s going to do everything for me” I started to realise it’s up to me, he’s here to help me. Everyone is, but I need to make it happen, otherwise I will always be dependent on him. That is what people like ‘Mrs X’ and Jeffrey Leigh-Jones expected. To invest in the research phase and then do as little as they could to get back and receive the benefits. The whole time they were here their own toxic families were opposed to the work they were doing and how much time they were spending on themselves as can be seen from all the evidence. The attacks and pull of their toxic families became too strong so they left. Then they demanded their money back. You don’t go to university for 3 years and then demand your money back it doesn’t work like that!”

– Jai Singh

How much money was spent on research and development (R&D) by organisations in the United Kingdom in 2020?

£61.8 billion….

£44 billion of that is spent by businesses. £13.9 billion in the education sector.

That’s just in one year!

For nearly 20 years, Lighthouse has been operating in research and development in order to launch globally with the right people, the right products, the right services and the right support.

As Head Mentor Paul Waugh has stated: We never took investment directly into products service offerings or systemic business development. We took money into research while offering a service, we combined service and research rather than plugging it directly into research exclusively which is common practise with R&D. We did 99 percent of the time with the odd exception!! We wanted to find the genius of the ‘and’! Because of this AND being found and implemented we were able to put quality of research and results before a premature panic launch.”

Every single Associate Partner has invested our money, our time, our work, sacrificing comfort and easy lives, to invest in this research. Chief among all has been Paul himself. Not only investing in this research for over 40 years, Paul has personally invested in everyone in Lighthouse, from securing their rent when they could not afford it, to housing families dealing with confilct between them, to looking after Associates during the Covid pandemic, and much more.

Our predatory trolls know this! All of them without exception came to Lighthouse and wanted the most while giving the least – in terms of their effort, their care, their self-extension for others.

In a world where people are raving about which property or what crypto currency to invest in, we’ve forgotten about THE most valuable asset on earth – without which nothing else has any value to us! The human being! This is why we invest in people and relationships at Lighthouse. Just like investing in a child’s health, shelter and education, we know we must never stop trying to improve ourselves and fulfil our God-given potential.

Hear from Lighthouse clients – including our predatory trolls!

Paul Waugh in his own words to Mrs X (one of our Predatory Trolls) when they were ill and trying to grow at Lighthouse, 2021

You keep asking how much you need to invest in yourself? It’s up to you…we will never force you and never reject you because you don’t! Just focus on getting well.

Jeffrey Leigh-Jones (former Lighthouse Associate, now a predatory troll because of toxic family pressure)

The way I see it that money doesn’t reflect the value you get out of Lighthouse but what it is is a commitment and if you’re willing to bite the bullet and make that commitment then you’ll put more work into what you’re doing. 

The opportunity came to invest again. In fact I put myself forward. I was inspired by the story of somebody here that I came to know this. What I found is that commerce of hearts. I was very inspired by somebody’s story here and I wanted to invest into them and indirectly that’s grown in time. I’m not directly investing into that story. I want to invest into other people and invest into the community here.

Joanne Holmes (former Lighthouse Associate, now a predatory troll)

I truly appreciate the investment you make in me and equally the investment I am making in myself.

Zach Jones

I have received counselling from Chris Nash and Paul Waugh on many occasions, sometimes being on calls up until the early hours of the morning because I was in a very difficult state mentally and emotionally and it was critical for me to receive support at that time. This support is in addition to the mentoring and coaching I have received from Jatinder Singh who has supporting me over the past 5 years which in the beginning was largely Pro Bono as I did not have the money to invest the full cost of sessions while I was a student. 

I could not have even begun this journey of healing if Lighthouse didn’t exist. I would have gone down a path of suicide either in instalments through drugs and alcohol or all at once as I have come close to on a number of occasions throughout my life.

Mel Francis

People at Lighthouse have paid for my rent for a 1 bed flat for 6 months when I couldn’t cover it myself because I needed to prioritise my physical healing, they have spent hours on the phone with me giving me advice for every challenge in my life, helping me cover my costs out of their own pockets, sharing with me all they had to give, keeping nothing selfishly for themselves, they have opened their homes to me. It has never been about money because if it was, I believe they would have made far more by now.

Jatinder Singh

Starting with the financial investment this has included me selling a small property portfolio which took me a great deal of time, money and effort to build up. I have also invested in other Associate Partners here too. The reason I have invested in others is because I knew they didn’t have the financial resources to do so themselves and ultimately I felt it was the right thing to do morally given their levels of dedication and desire to improve their lives and develop themselves as I wanted to improve mine. Obviously I expect to receive a financial return on these investments but I have also received the emotional satisfaction in helping others which includes the building of trust in the relationship of those I have invested in. Often these Associate partners had parents who wouldn’t invest in them so to invest in them is a strong sign of my commitment to them.

Jessica Holder

Various members of the Lighthouse community have helped me when I’ve been really low on money/income and I have been helped enormously over the last 4 years that I have been here, particularly the last 2-3 years, where I have been supported financially, and physically but more emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Sukh Singh

I managed to raise one fifth of my associate investment, but that was about all I could manage with limited credit as a graduate without a job. Paul decided to vouch for me and he arranged someone to invest in me. He asked another incoming  Partner, Tom Hasker, to invest in me. I barely knew Tom. Tom barely knew me. I was just some graduate. I now consider Tom a brother – but there’s been a lot of pain, arguing and disagreements to get through to even be here. What Paul and Tom have done for me is show me that while they trusted me, no money in the world can ever make up for the need for honesty, commitment to the truth in hard times, and discipline. Lighthouse has been accused of being a cult that fleeces people for money which is frankly an idiotic claim when you know the facts. Not only have I been invested in, but I’ve been here THIRTEEN YEARS  and not once have I been pressured to pay Tom back! Paul knew I’ve needed those 13 years to heal from abuse just to survive!

Ed Zapp

The generosity and willingness to extend and help have come from many at Lighthouse financially, people like Mel Francis, Asif Valiji, Vivienne Juan, Zach Jones, Victoria Bytel and Jeffrey Leigh-Jones all to help me continue my work of healing and improving my life for the better. Many at the time had only met me a handful of times and invested thousands to help me. I am so grateful for all they have done to help me continue my much-needed healing from the abuse I received growing up. However, there are those who accuse Lighthouse of stealing money from people, when this is clearly not the case. I and all mentioned here have invested in each other, to help all of us have the support and guidance that has been desperately needed. 

Vivienne Juan

There has always been a caring and intentional building of intimacy, including financially. While financially I invested in myself, I also invested three times as much into supporting my fellow associate partners who were in need of assistance, which has been such a liberating lesson in learning to care for others. This perspective of abundance replaced a mindset of scarcity deeply ingrained in me from my childhood.

Jai Singh

Paul was paying our rent for 12 months so we had a buffer to do that. He invested hugely in us and others that year to pay our rent, he contributed over £49,000 of his personal money to us in that year alone. The following years the predatory trolling online began and my brother and I had to move.

Letizia De Sario

My mentorship sessions are meant to be one hour, but most of the time more than one hour. My mentor invests his time, money and effort in me and from my side, as a mentee; I invest time, money and effort.

Valerie Nash

For legitimate reasons I was very untrusting of life and people, and my son Christopher, one of the founding members of Lighthouse, had given me the opportunity to heal and embrace life again meaningfully and purposefully. I had spent a good portion of my life in a caring profession, and helping other people regain their health was very important to me, and so I welcomed this opportunity; albeit knowing that there was a lot of unresolved trauma and unhealthiness, from which I needed support to work through, and only then would I be able to use my life in a positive, upbuilding, and progressive way. My son invested in me for these reasons.

Victoria Bytel

I have invested huge amounts of time in my own growth and development so that I’m in the best possible place to help others. I have invested in my own and other people’s growth and development, not including covering people’s living costs when they couldn’t earn and their income plummeted as a result of the smear campaign.

Diane Cubitt

 At one point when I broke my ankle Paul arranged for fresh fruit, veg and meat to be sent to me to make sure that I was getting the right nutrients while I was recuperating.

Rob Fitch

What I value about our relationship is that it is a win win. Since the very start we discussed what I was needing in terms of support and accountability and that has evolved organically and incrementally over time. To reach the point now where I have invested in a year of intensive mentorship, I want to stress that this decision has not been taken lightly by either of us. Ultimately we are both investing in each other and it would not have been possible without us proving our commitment to each other; my commitment to openness, humility and the willingness to grow, and Jai’s commitment to care and guidance.

Ian MacNamara

My mentors over the years have taken my circumstances into account and even supported me for free when I’ve been short of money and even given me extra sessions without charge when something unexpected has come up that I have needed extra advice on.

Tom Hasker

The reason why I have invested so much of my money and life into this work, is because without a complete upbringing, I’m not able to lead other people into a community, or a company, that will create anything good and help vulnerable people. Imagine if the CEO of a large company is rattled by a bully on Facebook? If they back down just because someone questions their vision for the world and the company they have brought together and are leading? No one would follow them! No one would invest in them! 

Sukh Singh was the first person to be invested in by another Associate of Lighthouse, me. In 2012 I was the first to risk (as there was no guarantee of a return). Ours was the first agreement of its kind within Lighthouse and has set the standard for all the other investments between associates ever since. This was done on mutual trust and respect and in line with the principles of effective relationships. I have learnt to my cost what happens when these principles are not followed as much as to my benefit when they are.

The other large investment to note is Anthony Antoine. He was another who had worked hard to invest into himself and the work of Lighthouse but was unable to find the balance. Having worked with him for several years and seen his progress I was able to invest in him and his future. 

Both of these investments have been with the support and guidance of Paul, Warren and the Lighthouse research community. A community that is caring for us and helps us to keep our commitments to each other in many ways, financially, physically, emotionally to our continued personal development.

Whoever watches the wind will not plant; whoever looks at the clouds will not reap. Sow your seed in the morning, and at evening let your hands not be idle, for you do not know which will succeed, whether this or that, or whether both will do equally well.” – Ecclesiastes 11: 4,6

Making the right investment, with the right people, for the right reasons at the right time is crucial. If you want to reach out for help in any way from Lighthouse Global, or have any questions, contact care@lighthouseglobal.family

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