Healing From Toxic Families & Building Healthy Family


Healing From Toxic Family Abuse In Healthy Community At Lighthouse Global

The publication of the defamatory Daily Mail article exposed the individuals who were at the forefront of the online smear campaign that had been stirring on Reddit.

It became clear that we could identify who these assailants were based on what they wrote, how they wrote and who they focused on in their attacks, because it would always be someone close to them.

Many families who had strained relationships with people at Lighthouse Global were using the online accusations and the Daily Mail as an excuse to attack Lighthouse Global’s partners. 


Toxic Family In The Waugh Rooms

Building Healthy Family

The lack of healthy upbringing was a significant problem across the board with around 70-80% of people having either dysfunctional or maligantly toxic families. We at Lighthouse Global were shocked at the unexpected extent of the damage, psychological and otherwise abuse that had been caused to our partners throughout their lives. In order to heal from this but to learn how to build healthy community, the question became: what is a healthy community?

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