Educating The World On Constructive Sabotage & Predatory Trolls


What differentiates constructive sabotage from trolling?

The assailants in the smear campaign started taking their attacks offline, beyond just targeting social media followings, writing bad reviews and abusive comments. They got in touch with family members, they filed false complaints with ombudsmen and institutions, they attacked banks accounts, sabotaged our press releases and collectively lied to journalists and media outlets. They were combining their efforts to make sure they were doing anything they could to destroy Lighthouse as a company and its community. Hence, Paul S. Waugh coined the term “constructive sabotage”.


Conciliation & Defence

Over the course of the 2 year smear campaign, many times Paul extended offers to meet those who were attacking Lighthouse Global to come and meet him. Firstly at his home and then at a neutral venue. Many attempts were made to find a resolution, to no avail.

The Burden of Proof & Cost is On Our Assailants

Forming A Defence

Taking It To Them: On The Offensive

After defending themselves for nearly 2 years, Lighthouse Global’s assailants were still trying to cause damage to Lighthouse’s reputation, with daily assaults and harassment. It was time to go on the offensive, to call out the attackers and take the fight to them. It was important to take a stand against these bullies and their tyranny as there would be many people who would desperately need an example in fortitude.

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