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The Lighthouse Global Story Told Through Our Founder, Paul S. Waugh’s Tweets…

Our 18 year journey to empowering people to overcome the obstacles to our God-given potential while finding our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ has been inspiring and arduous to say the least!

This site tells our story in Paul’s own words as well as the persecution we’ve received along the way from controlling toxic families of the people we serve, bitter ex-partners and clients as well as how the Daily Mail got involved. It’s a fascinating story!

We are now growing in Christ more than ever as we meet more and more brothers and sisters also facing abuse and persecution.

Paul S. Waugh

Paul S. Waugh

Founder, Head of Human Resources

Empowering conscientious people to identify and overcome the obstacles to their God given human potential! God Willing 🙏😀

Evil Can Only Be Overcome With Good. Romans 12:21

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Why Did We Start Lighthouse Global?

We started Lighthouse Global to help people build optimal value in their lives, careers and businesses and spent the first 18 years trying to understand why $40 Billion was spent on personal development but there was very little to show for it, in terms of results.

The major reality we discovered over 18 years was that we need to be involved in helping people get a lifelong upbringing, up and into whatever they want to achieve and produce in their life. Up into a good character, up into a good family, up into a good community, and primarily up and into good understanding and relationship with God.

If your paradigm of yourself is that an upbringing ends at 18-21, then you have a false world view. Maturity is a life long process.

Human beings have God-given potential yet we produce such little value in our lives in all areas mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually.

We realised that humans need a healthy surrogate family to support the ongoing process of growing up and into mature adults who are able to build extraordinary levels of value in all areas of their lives.

It takes a village to help human beings to fulfil their potential.

Our Work for 18 Years – Why We Struggle To Achieve Our Potential: Upbringing.

Over 18 years, helping people to follow through was proving to be more difficult than anticipated. No matter what structures, programmes or support people had, Paul S. Waugh, Warren Vaughan, Chris Nash, Shaun Cooper and a handful of others kept finding that people were not reaching even a fraction of their potential. They had the same challenges, the same addictions, the same patterns and the same dependencies. It became clear that across the board, human beings had huge gaps in their upbringing.

Our Arduous & Inspiring Journey: From New Age Into Christianity

In order to help people to develop and reach their potential, Paul and the core team eventually realised that they needed to explore what the source of our human potential was. The more they explored God and eventually Christianity, the more it became clear not just the accuracy of scripture historically speaking, but the principles found in the Bible were the missing pieces in 18 years of research of how to overcome barriers and obstacles to following through, breaking through challenges and creating value.

At first, this was incredibly inconvenient as non-Christians in a secular company! But the more the community individually and collectively opened up to question and test the gospel of Jesus Christ, incredibly, many people in the community were being transformed – overcoming challenges, making breakthroughs, developing inner fortitude like they never had before. The improvement and results were unavoidable – The way to living an optimal and maximal life is through following Jesus Christ!


Reaching Our Brothers & Sisters In The Body of Christ

Through all the challenges Lighthouse Global faced, the associate core and our clients moved from strength to strength, growing through the adversity and invigorated in our spirits. Our journey and our growing relationship with Christ was sending a clear message to other brothers and sisters that not only did we have a goal, but that nothing was going to stop us from achieving our mission to serve and never have to say no where we ought to say yes to a child inside or outside our front door.

Lighthouse Associate Partners Testimonials

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